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What I'm Doing Now...

Like many of you in this profession, I've had the pleasure of teaching remotely! And what a journey it has been. Here's what I've been up to lately. After a long-term sub contract at MJ Coldwell, I got a very exciting call that I was chosen to fill a maternity leave at Lakeview, in a Grade 1/2 classroom (my dream position)! I quickly excepted this and moved my stuff over to Lakeview where I spent a whole week in person with my class before going to supplemental learning in March 2019. I continued working at Lakeview being able to start another group of Grade 1/2's this time majority in-person! Recently my temporary contract at Lakeview has ended and now it's back on the sub list for me. I'm staying patient and finding lots of moments for PD in the comfort of my home until I'm lucky enough to get something more permanent.

School Bus

Truly Amazing Places and People to Learn and Grow With!

The following is a collection of memories from past and present teaching experiences. 

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