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Professional Development

Treaty Ed Camp (University of Regina)

  • With my Education Degree, the University of Regina provided me the opportunity to participate in a Treaty Ed Camp 2018.

  • This educational experience gave me the chance as a teacher in training to meet Indigenous Elders and individuals in the community. I got to hear their stories, and how they interact with their communities and schools to advocate for Truth and Reconciliation and the history of Residential Schools.

  • Throughout this experience, I gained valuable information on Indigenous culture/traditions such as Smudging. As well, I met some empowering allies within Saskatchewan's Indigenous community.

Teachers Convention (2019)

  • With my Internship experience I had the chance to attend this years Teachers Convention.

  • This professional experience was a great way to learn from and meet other professionals in the field. 

  • Throughout this experience, I gained a greater appreciation for all the teaching profession. When we are in the classroom we are more then just their teacher, we are they motivator, supporter, role model. We have to constantly be willing to learn and grow with our fellow colleges and students.

Student Learning Profiles

The following document lays out step-by-step how I've learnt various ways to provide differentiation for my students. This chart describes three students who I've had the pleasure of teaching throughout my pre-internship. Although this chart is only set up for three students, the ideas and strategies provided in it are adaptable for a variety of students.

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